Here I am trying my best do describe to you, what this repository actually is and what it can do

What is this?

D0x-K1t-v2 is an open-source, self-hosted and easy to use OSINT and active reconaissance web application for penetration testers. Based off of the prior command-line script, D0x-K1t-v2 is now fully capable of conducting reconaissance and penetration testing for security researchers who need a framework without the head-scratching.

Is this a website / webapp?

Yes and no. In essence, it is not a typical website. D0x-K1t-v2 is self-hosted. There is no server stack, cloud-based service, SaaS, etc. that is holding it up. You can have the option of deploying D0x-K1t-v2 on a local network, or deploying your own instance on any infrastructure / technology as you wish (although not recommended).

Is this free?

Yes. D0x-K1t-v2 will forever be open-source. If you wish to contribute, you can make a fork, add any changes, and send a pull request on Github.

How else can I develop this project?

I have created API endpoints, and more will be coming soon.


  • Easy-to-build, risk-free installation

  • Simple Bootstrap Admin Dashboard

  • Deployable to the Internet

  • Serverless (at the moment)

  • Expansive to any OS

I am not responsible for any harm done to people or companies using this tool. Every user is responsible for all of their actions

You are convinced? Great! Why don't you go right on to


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