Here you will learn how to setup the webserver that runs the tool.
The process of setting this webservice up is pretty straightforward and doesn't take a lot of time.
Make sure you have installed Python 2.7 or under on your operating system.
In order to download the tool this is what you will have to do:
# apt-get install git //if you haven't already installed git on your system.
git clone && cd D0x-K1t-v2
This will download the latest version from GitHub and put it in the folder called "D0x-K1t-v2".
Now we just need to install all the requirements:
pip install -r requirements.txt
All you now only have left to do is to start your webserver:
Done! You're all set and can now access your freshly installed D0x-K1t-v2 via your browser by accessing https://<your server ip>:5000